Layaway Policy
90 day layaway plan.  $50.00 minimum purchase required.  Only for regularly-priced items.  No starting layaway fee.  10% down payment is required.

Layaway holds the price, not the furniture.

Person initiating layaway must be the same person finalizing layaway.  A picture ID is required for all new layaways and to pick up layaway items.  Layways are not transferable to another person.

Your payments are due every 30 day and layaway is required to be paid in full by the "final payment due" date.  7 days after a missed payment merchandise will be returned to stock.  (See refund policy.)  Payments are accepted by mail, but must be made by Cashier's Check or Money Order.  Credit or debit card payments cannot be taken over the phone.  We do not accept personal checks.

Your layaway receipt slip must be present for payments to be logged.  No additional payment receipts will be generated.  Please treat your layaway receipt slip like money, if lost it is not replaced.

Some layaway merchandise will not be removed from the sales floor, but we will mark it "SOLD".  Other merchandise must be ordered.  We will order your layaway item(s) when you have paid your layaway balance in full.  Ordering merchandise could take 4-8 weeks for out of stock items.

Must take possession of in-stock merchandise within 7 calendar days of final payment.  (Storage fee will apply after 7 days, $10 per week/ 7 calendar dats,  1 week minimum charge.)  Unless other arrangements have been made.

30 Day Layaway Policy
Clearance items, sale items and purchases under $50.00 are eligible for a 30 day layaway policy.

Layaway Refund Policy
You may cancel a layaway at any time before your last payment is made by notifying us in person.  If we do not receive your final payment by the "final payment due" date, we will automatically cancel your layaway plan unless we agree to extend the date.

In the event of cancellation, we will apply all money you have paid toward the layaway as an in-store credit; to be used within 30 days of cancellation or missed payment, less a cancellation charge of 10% of purchase total.  In-store credit if not used within the 30 days renders all deposits void.  There are no cash refunds on layaways, sorry no exceptions.

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